Programme purpose: Promote social dialogue; implement strategic frameworks; build capacity among social partners; and promote productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation in the workplace.

The programme consists of the following sub-programmes:




Strategic objectives

Strategic Objective 1

To Lead National Social Dialogue and Implement Strategic Frameworks

Objective statement

This sub-programme will coordinate government’s policy input and contributions to social dialogue on economic development matters and consult with the relevant departments; negotiate national economic development and decent work pacts; and coordinate the implementation of the Framework Agreement.


Strategic Objective 2

Engage in Sector and Workplace Social Dialogue

Objective statement

This sub-programme will develop partnership agreements in key sectors and workplaces through the process of social dialogue.


Strategic Objective 3

Support Capacity building for Economic Development

Objective statement

This sub-programme will promote the research output and knowledge by the social partners through the establishment and administration of a Social Partner Fund or equivalent mechanism; periodically convene an Economic Development Advisory Panel; create and coordinate knowledge networks; and convene and host an annual conference.


Strategic Objective 4

Foster Productivity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Objective statement

To develop a policy framework for the increasing productivity, enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship.