Broad-based Black Economic EmpowermentBroad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) aims to ensure that the economy is structured and transformed to enable the meaningful participation of the majority of its citizens and to further create capacity within the broader economic landscape at all levels through skills development, employment equity, socio economic development, preferential procurement, enterprise development, especially small and medium enterprises, promoting the entry of black entrepreneurs into the mainstream of economic activity, and the advancement of co-operatives. B-BBEE needs to be implemented in an effective and sustainable manner in order to unleash and harness the full potential of black people and to foster the objectives of a pro-employment developmental growth path.

The purpose of this sub-programme is to develop and re-shape policies to give greater effect to these objectives. In doing so, EDD will work in close co-operation with the dti, who will drive the implementation of these polices, and other departments involved in B-BBEE processes.