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micro2The MTSF recognises the centrality of a growth path that addresses the economy’s structural constraints, expands the industrial base and creates decent work opportunities on a larger scale. In addition it is necessary to build a low-carbon economy and infuse knowledge and innovation throughout the economy.

The purpose of this sub-programme is to develop the necessary policies to realise such a growth path.

It is envisaged that the department will produce papers and policy proposals that elaborates the path for South Africa’s economic growth and development and the creation of decent work, building on the medium-term strategic framework.

This sub-programme will, amongst others, establish an economic development index on strengthening coherence and alignment between the different domains of economic policies of the state in order to maximize economic development and employment.

This sub-programme will generate fact sheets, policy briefings, policy proposals and working papers. Platforms for economic policy debates (“policy platforms”) will be created. Conferences, workshops and consultations with domestic stakeholders and international persons

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First booklet in a series of publications on the New Growth Path

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Economic Development Department employees have pledged their commitment to the fight against corruption. Corruption in both the private and public sector has a detrimental effect on government's effort to deliver effective services to the people.  In signing the declaration, employees declare: 'I know, I act, I stop corruption - Fighting corruption is everyone's business.'

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PICC seeks specialists to fulfil infrastructure development targets




Profiles of people impacted by our industrial investment and infrastructure build programme

Profiles of people impacted by our industrial investment and infrastructure build programme 2016

Scam Alert
All Service Providers and Businesses

The Economic Development Department wishes to advise members of the public, particularly those in business, to be alert to a scam utilizing the logo of the Economic Development Department. The fraudsters involved send unsuspecting business operators a Request for Quotations for the provision of Solar Panels.

As the Economic Development Department, we wish to state that we do not have such a project, and therefore beware that the Request for Quotation is not from the Economic Development Department.

Please confirm any request you receive with our Supply Chain Management division on these details 012 394 3579. Report these fraudulent activities to the SAPS or call the Anti Corruption hotline 0800 701 701 or SMS to 39772 or send an email to fraud@economic.gov.za.

Broadway Sweets Factory vist | 9 June 2016
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