More than 150 years of industrialisation in different parts of the world, based mainly on fossilfuel driven energy, has impacted on the climate and environment in very profound ways. In response to the phenomenon of climate change, the nations of the world have come together to discuss the curtailment of carbon emissions. In response a number of industries have emerged that create jobs with lower or no carbon emissions in energy, agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors, especially tourism. South Africa’s share of this growing area includes: solar, wind and nuclear energy generation; solarheating geysers (manufacture and installation); biofuels sector and co-generation; repairing environmental degradation; eco-tourism; smart manufacturing; waste management; regulation of energy efficiency of commercial buildings; and installation of more energy-efficient equipment.

The purpose of this sub-programme will be to identify, develop and support projects, incentives and other measures that realise this goal and to engage with government and non-governmental stakeholders to maximise the job creation potential of green economic activities.