Programme purpose: Promote economic planning and coordination through developing economic planning proposals; provide oversight and policy coordination of identified development finance institutions and economic regulatory bodies; and contribute to the development of the green economy.

This programme consists of the following sub-programmes:



Strategic objectives

Strategic Objective 1

Develop Sector, Spatial and National Economic Plans

Objective statement

This sub-programme will develop economic plans for South Africa; promote the development of spatial economic development action plans, particularly for key and distressed areas; build the coherence of provincial and local economic development plans; and promote economic development in major sectors of the economy.



Strategic Objective 2

Promote Investment for Economic Development

Objective statement

This sub-programme will provide oversight and strategic direction to the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), the Khula Enterprise Finance Limited (Khula) and the South African Micro-Finance Apex Fund (SAMAF); and channel and direct public investment and, where feasible and appropriate, private investment, into economic development to support decent work outcomes.


Strategic Objective 3

Promote Competitiveness and Trade for Decent Work

Objective statement

This sub-programme will provide oversight of and policy and strategic direction to Competition Commission, the Competition Tribunal and the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC); promote African and regional economic development; engage with international economic agencies and multi-lateral institutions; and pursue economic opportunities with major economic groupings including the Brics, EU and the USA.


Strategic Objective 4

Leverage State Budgeting and Financing and Procurement Processes

Objective statement

This sub-programme will undertake research and analysis on government’s developmental programmes and processes to ensure alignment with the NGP and will identify opportunities for improving local procurement and production.


Strategic Objective 5

Grow the Green Economy

Objective statement

This sub-programme will identify, develop and support projects, incentives and other measures to promote industries that create jobs and have lower or no carbon emissions in energy, agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors, especially tourism