Summary Report 1 On Implementation Of Social Accords

During his Budget Vote 2012/13 in Parliament on Tuesday 7th May 2013, the Minister of Economic Development released a report which details progress with the Accords on skills, the green economy, local procurement and basic education.

These Accords were signed with various stakeholders in 2011, following the tabling of the New Growth Path framework the year before. The Accords set out what needs to be done to achieve the country’s jobs goals, and commit the social partners to work together on clear targets and within defined time frames.

Considerable work has already been undertaken in the last two years, and there are already a number of successes. This Report is a summary of the outcomes of the work done in improving basic education, expanding skills, local procurement and promoting jobs through greening the economy.

It selects a few case studies to show the work that is being done to implement the Accords.