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Below you will find a growing list of legislation and Acts from EDD's Entities. (Click on title to download Act.)

Competition Act

(Date of commencement of sections 1-3, 6,11, 19-43,78,79 & 84 on 30 November 1998. The remaining sections of the Act commenced on 1 September 1999)

To provide for the establishment of a Competition Commission responsible for the investigation, control and evaluation of restrictive practices, abuse of dominant position, and mergers; and for the establishment of a Competition Tribunal responsible to adjudicate such matters; and for the establishment of a Competition Appeal Court; and for related matters.

Website: www.compcom.co.za

Industrial Development Corporation Act

(Assented to 15 MAY 1940 Date of Commencement: 20 MAY 1940)

To constitute a corporation the object of which shall be to promote the establishment of new industries and industrial undertakings and the development of existing industries and industrial undertakings, and to provide for other incidental matters.

Website: www.idc.co.za

International Trade Administration Act

(No. 71 of 2002: International Trade Administration Act; 2002. Assented to 30 December 2002)

To establish the International Trade Administration Commission; to provide for the functions of the Commission and for the regulation of its procedures; to provide for the implementation of certain aspects of the South African Customs Union (SACU) Agreement in the Republic; to provide, within the framework of the SACU Agreement, for continued control of import and export of goods and amendment of customs duties; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Website: www.itac.org.za

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