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                                                                                    Infrastructure investment is key

President Ramaphosa

Infrastructure investment is key to our efforts to grow the economy, create jobs, empower small businesses and provide services to our people. We have invested heavily in new roads, power stations, schools and other infrastructure. As some of our projects are taking time to get off the ground and to enhance our efforts, I will assemble a team to speed up implementation of new projects, particularly water projects, health facilities and road maintenance.We have learnt some valuable lessons from our experience in building all the new infrastructure, which will inform our way ahead.We will focus on improvements in our budget and monitoring systems, improve the integration of projects and build a broad compact on infrastructure with business and organised labour.

 President Cyril Ramaphosa – State of the Nation Address 2018 

Economic infrastructure – the foundation of social and economic development


  • South Africa needs to maintain and expand its electricity, water, transport and telecommunications infrastructure in order to support economic growth and social development goals. Given the government's limited finances, private funding will need to be sourced for some of these investments.
  • The role and effectiveness of sector regulators needs to be reviewed. In addition to issuing licences and setting tariffs, regulators need to place more emphasis on stimulating market competition and promoting affordable access to quality services. This will require capacity-building in regulatory institutions.
  • Policy planning and decision-making often requires trade-offs between competing national goals. For instance, the need to diversify South Africa's energy mix to include more renewable energy sources, which tend to be variable in terms of production, should be balanced against the need to provide a reliable, more affordable electricity supply.


PICC in the Media

The main objective of the PICC awareness campaign is to promote infrastructure development initiatives across the country, whilst showcasing the tangible benefits in terms of job creation and mainstreaming access to social services.


PICC in the Media


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