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president zumaMessage from President Jacob Zuma

As South Africa makes a tentative recovery from the global economic downturn, we have assessed both the challenges to, and opportunities for, our country’s growth. At the close of the second decade of our democracy, it is clear that we need to change gear. All South Africans need to work together in a concerted effort to improve service delivery, bolster job creation and expedite economic transformation.

In South Africa, joblessness is still unacceptably high even with recent growth in jobs numbers. Global economic prospects remain fragile. In response, the Government of the Republic of South Africa has taken a bold decision. We have chosen a path of counter-cyclical spending driven by catalytic infrastructure investment. We are striking a fine balance between protecting our sovereign integrity while leveraging the multiplier impact of fixed capital formation.

Valuable lessons have been learned from our most recent build programmes, such as the 2010 World Cup stadiums, King Shaka International Airport, Medupi Power Station and Gautrain. We are constantly improving our turnaround times and efficiency, enabling a larger developmental impact.

Infrastructure investment is a key priority of both the National Development Plan and the New Growth Path. We are trans- forming the economy, directing national growth and driving job creation by implementing a long-term, government- led infrastructure investment pro- gramme. In the process, we are leverag- ing the investment and participation of business, labour and civil society. Government is laying the foundation for growth and decent work for all South Africans and the prosperity of our country.

President of the Republic of South Africa

Economic infrastructure – the foundation of social and economic development


  • South Africa needs to maintain and expand its electricity, water, transport and telecommunications infrastructure in order to support economic growth and social development goals. Given the government's limited finances, private funding will need to be sourced for some of these investments.
  • The role and effectiveness of sector regulators needs to be reviewed. In addition to issuing licences and setting tariffs, regulators need to place more emphasis on stimulating market competition and promoting affordable access to quality services. This will require capacity-building in regulatory institutions.
  • Policy planning and decision-making often requires trade-offs between competing national goals. For instance, the need to diversify South Africa's energy mix to include more renewable energy sources, which tend to be variable in terms of production, should be balanced against the need to provide a reliable, more affordable electricity supply.


PICC in the Media

The main objective of the PICC awareness campaign is to promote infrastructure development initiatives across the country, whilst showcasing the tangible benefits in terms of job creation and mainstreaming access to social services.


PICC in the Media


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